ABF appeals to the industry for their support this Christmas

Let's face it, we are all under financial strain and battling to make ends meet. Christmas is that time for us to spend with family and friends, to eat well and relax. Some though won't be having a great 2010 Christmas. As we all head into one of the toughest Christmas times in years, spare a thought for those in the industry without work that are in need of assistance financially or medically and are facing a 2010 that doesn't hold too many prospects.
The ABF was set up to assist those in our industry that are in real need of the vital support. Through the years they have set up events to raise funds from agencies and businesses in the industry, and set up membership drives to raise regular annuity income in order to assist those in need. They have invested wisely this decade and have available funds to support the basic requests that come in, but the times we're in put the ABF at risk too.

Donations from our industry organizations are crucial in order for the ABF to deal with an anticipated growth of support requests into 2010. "2010 is concerning all of us at the ABF. We know the effect of the recession is hurting a lot of us in the industry and particularly those at the end of their careers with little savings, that are in need of work and face formidable challenges," says Allan Swart, president of the relief validating committee of the ABF.

He goes on, "Now more than ever we need donations from those businesses in our industry. We've set up a Christmas greetings page in Advantage and The Media for the industry to send out messages to their clients and the industry with all proceeds from the sale of space going to the ABF and we're hoping the industry will support it more than ever. It's a great thing to do for those in need and you can have some fun while you're in the space!"

The promotion takes the form of a full-colour insert in the December issues of Advantage and The Media magazines - generously donated by the relevant publications. The space is sold as a package in both magazines in units of 10cm deep x 11.1cm wide at a limited cost of R4750. A Rate Card can be obtained from az.oc.scihpargartsa@nalla and the Greetings will also be posted on the ABF website.

It's an opportunity for agencies, media owners, marketing companies or any company to get something in return rather than a simple request for a straight donation. Advertisers have the opportunity to thank or wish their clients/customers everything of the best during the festive season, and show the industry that they support its own charity - the ABF and the vital support it provides.

The deadline for bookings is the 6th November 2009 and material is due on the 9th November 2009.

Giles Shepherd, ABF chairman sums it up: "We urge the industry to participate in this end of year gesture. Those that get involved are not only industry champions but have the opportunity to show the industry how much they care about those within it. The reality we need to consider is that one day it could be any of us that face the unthinkable financial circumstances. The more we support the ABF and this kind of initiative, the more we limit that risk down the line. Because if you hold out your hand, we can hold out ours!"


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4 Nov 2009 11:15