ABF assists industry veteran during recession

The ABF provides vital crisis support to individuals in the advertising, marketing and media industries who have fallen on hard times. This month saw the organisation assisting a 77-year-old industry veteran, whose client canned all contract work due to the economic recession.
It is one of the ABF's main aims to provide a support structure to people, in these fields, that cannot support themselves due to retrenchments, redundancies, injuries or illnesses.

“The ABF's assistance will allow this very dynamic industry veteran to stay on his feet, until the effects of the recession have eased and his workflow picks up,” says Sharlene Vallance, the ABF's Fundraising Officer.

In this case, the ABF has helped an ‘old hand' who has worked his way up the ranks in the advertising industry from designer to layout artist to head of a design department.

“This is a man of integrity who ran into bad luck as result of economic conditions. While he is making various attempts to find gainful employment and is physically sound, his age counts against him. If it wasn't for the ABF's intervention, he would be out on the street,” Sharlene explains.

For more information about the ABF and its vital work, please contact Sharlene Vallance on 083 452 619 or .

14 Oct 2009 12:08