Egg's on fire

Recent work from Egg Films has gone viral on YouTube, been shortlisted at AICP, and featured on taste-making sites from all over the world.
Egg's on fire
Baby's On Fire, the new Die Antwoord music video, which Terence Neale co-directed with Ninja, is on two million views in six days on YouTube. Produced by Zef Filmz in association with Egg Films, the music video has been featured everywhere, including The Inspiration Room, Creative Review, Creativity Online, Adland, BoingBoing and Juxtapoz. As Shots said, "The phrase 'weird and wonderful' doesn't quite do justice to this."

Brent Harris' Power of a Glass PSA for UNICEF's Tap Project has just been shortlisted at AICP, the awards for The Association of Independent Commercials Producers in America. Brent shot the spot in South Africa with Egg Films and Skunk for Droga5 as part of a global campaign to provide safe, clean water to children around the world. The PSA was also featured in Creativity and The Inspiration Room, among other showcase sites. Brent, an expat living in New York, is represented by Egg Films in South Africa.

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15 Jun 2012 11:20