Terence Neale directs KFC Breakfast commercial

Egg Films' Terence Neale (Humanoid) directed Sleepyheads, the new KFC Breakfast ad for Ogilvy Johannesburg.
Terence Neale directs KFC Breakfast commercial
Terence is probably better known for his more comedic work, but started transitioning to more epic commercials with last year's award-winning Nedbank Fish ad. "Although I love comedy, Sleepyheads helped prove that I can do more visual boards too," says Terence.

Mariana O'Kelly and Robyn Bergman were the creative directors on the job, while Stephanie van Niekerk was the copywriter. Terence was drawn to the brief because of the subtlety of the concept.

"I liked the idea of creating something beautiful that's all about the mood," says Terence. "I also liked the fact that it was a departure from commercials with a very definite punch line or a slipping-on-a-banana-peel type moment."

The commercial is gorgeously shot by Paul Gilpin on the Arri Alexa. "We did tests to see how the Alexa compared to shooting 16mm. For our purposes the Alexa compared favourably because it had a lot of falloff, which gave it a great look and helped with the overall soft, gentle tone of the commercial.'

Terence says they kept an open mind going into the shoot. "You can't really plan exactly what you're going to get on a shoot like this," says Terence. "I wanted it very real and very natural. The Alexa allowed us to roll a lot so we could get natural performances, without our cast knowing we were filming. All the yawns in the commercial were real."

Rozanne Rocha-Gray produced the two-day shoot. "She kept the set really quiet and calm to help create the mood we wanted," says Terence.

Saki Bergh edited the spot at Left Post Production, while Rob Schröder from Robroy Music added the final touch, recording former Idols semi-finalist Veronique Lalouette singing Hey You Pretty Thing.

Watch the ad here.

17 Oct 2011 11:37