Bruno Bossi makes Ctrack more visible than ever

Egg Films' Bruno Bossi directed Always Visible, the debut TV commercial for both Ctrack and new agency Fishgate Advertising.
Bruno Bossi makes Ctrack more visible than ever
The spot starts like a typical, beautifully shot car commercial, but, as the Say Thank You score shifts into more magical, sci fi territory, we watch trees, bridges, tunnels and buildings vanish as the Audi cruises past, because with Ctrack, nothing can hide your car.

"I liked how simple the idea was," says Bruno. "With a Ctrack tracking system fitted to your vehicle, your car is always visible. It was quite technical to shoot, so the key was to keep it about the idea, not the technology."

Working with VFX house BlackGinger, all the elements that open, like the bridges, tunnels and buildings, were added in post. Bruno and DOP Paul Gilpin shot plates for the textures, which were then composited into the final effects shots. "We were the most worried about Chapman's Peak, because VFX is always trickiest on organic stuff, but it actually looks the most realistic," Bruno says.

Paul was more worried when the wind picked up in Franschhoek and the weather turned nasty just as they needed to rotate the helicopter on its side. "Paul was hanging out the side of the chopper, Magnum PI style," Bruno laughs, "but he got the shot before the helicopter was grounded by the weather."

The ad's currently airing on most channels and has already been featured on Adland and BestAdsonTV, which called it "simple, beautiful and intriguing."

Fishgate creative director Quintes Venter says, "We are very proud of the campaign and the television commercial is without a doubt the most important component. We've ended up with a television spot that is ready to usher Ctrack into a new era."

See the spot here.

AGENCY: Fishgate Advertising
COPYWRITER: Wynand van Staden
ART DIRECTOR: Herman Venter
PRODCO: Egg Films
DIRECTOR: Bruno Bossi
DOP: Paul Gilpin
PRODUCER: Kirsten Clarence
POST: BlackGinger
EDITOR: Richard Starkey
MUSIC: Say Thank You

14 Jun 2011 11:34