Slim goes big

While Egg's Slim himself remains as svelte as ever, his body of work, especially in the comedy field, has been filling out to a well-rounded reel.
Slim goes big
Slim's recent projects include the two City Lodge spots for TBWA Hunt Lascaris, - the ones with Aunt Ethel and the Hadeda. (In two separate commercials...what were you thinking?) Slim's treatment of the spots added an offbeat chuckle to the simple message of 'just the right amount of home'.

Slim was also responsible for MetropolitanRepublic's Wimpy commercial which hit our small screens in October. An unexpected montage of chewed up doors, cars and one particularly unhappy little girl's playground slide, draws the viewer into the dilemma of Eric September: the boy who, much to the chagrin of the neighbourhood, ate everything in sight. That is, until the Wimpy bottomless-chips-and-Coke special came along.

The most recent in Slim's line of entertainingly odd projects is the advert for King James. The commercial is Top Gun with a Bollywood slant (Bop Gun? Top Bolly? Top Bangra?), promising a 'highway to the Kulula zone'. The combination of well-produced music and impeccably directed performance quirks makes for layers of jokes and a wry smile throughout.

When asked for a quote about these or future projects, Slim simply replied that he 'loves the smell of ads in the morning.' This quote may not be real.

18 Nov 2010 12:07