What do wheelchairs and crutches have to do with Creative Circle?

Yes, admittedly by some strange coincidence, two ads in September featured gear for people with disabilities. But it was by no means a metaphor for the commercials - as the results of this month's Creative Circle Ad of the Month proved, with Egg Films scooping first place for Chairs vs. Champs, directed by Slim and third place for Lunch Bar, directed by Kim Geldenhuys.

Click here to view the ad [5MB]

Click here to view the ad [3MB]
Judges awarded a joint first place to the Jupiter Drawing Room's commercial “Chairs vs. Champs”: a spot created for Sasol by creatives Tom, Dana, Aviv and PJ, showing off the South African Paralympian Basketball team's talent by pitting them against Rugby World Champs the Springboks. Egg director, Slim used four cameras to document the game, enabling him to capture every turn. Hours of footage was edited into a 60” commercial and the website www.welcometoamazing.com features all sorts of behind-the-scenes tidbits that just goes to show that one can look up to someone even when they're sitting down.

Thanks to the same panel of advertising peers Egg also raked in a third place for Cadbury's Lunch Bar spot for Publicis with Kady and Kamlesh. The chocolate bar's major re-launch sees the brand dropping the old Makhathini from Maritzburugh for a more “ovias” one. Literally. Directed by Kim Geldenhuys, the spot depicts the “Much Much More” theme of Lunch Bar, showing an ordinary man doing extraordinary dance-moves in a train station, with, among other things, some homeless guy's crutches. When the music stops, the guy stops dancing and two onlookers come to the conclusion that it could only be Lunch Bar.

“Ovias”. (That's what the man says, we didn't just misspell it.)

Kim skillfully made this quirky homegrown commercial just as, well, nutty as the bar itself.

Egg Films have said that anyone who can spot all the puns in this release are welcome to call in the answer, though they probably won't win anything.

7 Nov 2008 13:08