Slim captures history in the making

At first glance a basketball game between guys in wheelchairs and able-bodied World Champions seems a bit slanted. However, this was not at all the case when SA's Wheelchair Basketball players, Team Sasol, went toe to, uhm, wheel, with the Springboks in a friendly clash dubbed Chairs vs Champs.

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This unique and historic game was made possible by Paralympic team sponsor Sasol, in order to show off the talent and perseverance of the SA Paralympic team as a force to be reckoned with. Team Sasol became the face of that iron will and sheer skill, firmly proving that just because your opponent is sitting in a wheelchair, does not mean you can't get your ass kicked.

The match was documented by Egg director Slim, who made use of four cameras in order to not miss a single turn. Slim covered hours of footage which editor, James Hoskings from Left, turned into compelling tidbits - from a 60” TV commercial to amazing snippets of half court shots and a ‘full behind the scenes' - all of which can be seen on the website

22 Sep 2008 13:55