You've been served

Humanoids Terence Neale's recent Chicken Licken campaign is nothing short of a visual feast! Featuring fantastic, over-the-top characters representative of South Africa's diverse cultural extremes.

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In B.E.E. Guy, we see our bling hero lighting his cigar with wads of cash; in Kugels, a typical Sandton mom and super shweet son; in Starvin Marvin, the neurotic metrosexual designer dieter, with his exquisite fashionista muse; and in Stuck in the Past, a settler who is literally stuck in the 1800's. And of course the off-beat Chicken Licken musical trio, performing the campaigns theme song, You've Been Served!

From the get-go, Terence loved the script, and says it is one of the few times he has received a script that he has not wanted to change at all, though the signature Chicken Licken bus was his idea, a roadshow studio on a mission to get people served!

Elmi Badenhorst was hired in as Art Director, and worked with Terence to style each commercial to the lead character's lifestyle, giving it depth, authenticity, and of course comedy. The props, set dressing and wardrobe are simply marvelous, and quirky on-screen detail constantly entertains the eye.

“It was an opportunity for us to push really far,” says Terence, “to come up with something hyper real and visually amazing, but still inspired by South African culture. I loved that we could create extreme individual characters for the three presenters that worked so well together. For the people being served, we played on well-known South African stereotypes and pushed each lifestyle outrageously.”

Network BBDO Jhb's Creative Director Graeme Jenner says that in the earliest meetings, when the scripts were in infant stage, they were interested in Terence. “We knew he would get us. We also just knew he could bring the high production values, make them look real good and be real funny at the same time. It's easy to work with someone who's on the same wavelength!”

“With the characters, it was about taking the idea of a stereotype, and pushing it to the max, and the Chicken Licken guys were a result of genius/lucky casting,” continues Graeme. “Terence had the idea that they should all be different characters that develop different personalities and quirks over the course of the ads. And it worked a treat. Everyone will be able to relate to them and have a favourite. All in all it was an amazing collaborative effort from a brilliant team. All total champs!”

The riot of colour used in the commercials was aimed at creating a strong Chicken Licken identity, and were intentionally loud and invading. And once you added all the rest, including the “Push It” by Salt ‘n Pepa music score, you had a perfect example of how a great idea can take on a life of its own, in this case creating a new cool and stylish status that counteracts existing downmarket preconceptions. Graeme Jenner says, “We are ecstatic, our client is ecstatic and we've had nothing but positive feedback from everyone who's seen them so far. Our client just wonders how we'll top them next year, but he always wonders that. Lets see, shall we?”

16 Apr 2008 17:19