Dani Hynes directs new Old Mutual ad

Egg Films' director Dani Hynes brought her trademark warmth to FCB Johannesburg's latest Old Mutual ad, which has already racked up over 350,000 views in under a month online.
Dani Hynes directs new Old Mutual ad

For more than 170 years, Old Mutual has championed an advice-led financial planning approach to helping their clients realise their dreams and goals.

To reinforce the value of advice from a trusted financial institute, FCB Johannesburg’s creative team of Jonathan Deeb, Erin Brooks, Nicola Bower and David Schild focused on the importance of advice in everyday life, especially from those people you care about and respect.

Dani was Egg’s busiest director last year thanks to her ability to find the spark in relatable, ordinary moments, which she always makes feel like glimpses of much larger, more complex stories. Her treatment of the 'start today' messaging avoided the standard financial service mantra-festo voice-over, rather putting the narration into the mouths of her characters, giving the spot an even more personal feeling.

“This is like my greatest hits compilation,” says Dani. “Cars, children, dogs, fashion, food, water, weather… I got to play with all those elements. I don’t have a specialty other than life in general, so I really loved that.”

Willie Nel from Exposure Crew shot the ad, which was edited by Jason Basson at Orchestra Blue, with Geppetto’s Workshop handling the online and Sterling Sound the audio. Barbara Clarke and Melanie Curtis produced the ad for FCB and Egg Films respectively.

Dani praised the way the crew, agency and client gelled, even to the point of the entire set pretending it was bedtime to help one of the little girls fall asleep on camera. “As a director, you’re always holding up a baton and asking people to follow you. When everyone does walk in the same direction, it creates this amazing sense of camaraderie, which feeds through into the work, making all the moments richer.”

See more of Dani’s ads at https://eggfilms.tv/south-african-commercials-director/dani-hynes/.

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7 Feb 2017 10:45