Terence Neale directs second global adidas Originals campaign

Egg Film's Terence Neale directed Original Is Never Finished, adidas Originals' new global commercial featuring visionaries from the worlds of music, skate, sport, style and art. Shot in South Africa, with celebrity pickups in Los Angeles, Original Is Never Finished trended on YouTube on its release, racking up over four million views in under 48 hours.
Terence Neale directs second global adidas Originals campaign

Reaffirming the notion that original is never finished, the film features a remix of Frank Sinatra’s iconic song, My Way, with a provocative, reimagined approach to today’s streetwear culture.

“Everything we do for adidas Originals is a work in progress, as true creativity is never finished,” says Alegra O’Hare, VP of Global Communications, adidas Originals & Core. “We are constantly challenging ourselves and breaking down the boundaries that limit imagination; we hope to inspire all creators to do the same. We first raised this idea in 2015 through our superstar work, questioning the very meaning of the word. We then continued with the notion of the current dystopian future, by motivating consumers to take future into their own hands and create it. Now with original, probably the most important and centric concept to our brand’s ethos, we elevate the trefoil’s storytelling as we look into what it really means to be original, questioning its very essence.”

Conceptualised under the creative direction of Johannes Leonardo, adidas Originals’ global creative agency of record, Original Is Never Finished explores this idea that if you push something far enough, it becomes original again. This philosophy carries through to the design language of the brand, which through collective memory continues to reinvent their past to create meaning for a new generation. The campaign signals the launch of EQT footwear, a celebrated icon from the 1990’s, redefined for a new generation.

“The past empowers the future. This is a philosophy that the Originals brand stays true to in everything they do. We wanted to bring this to life by exploring the rich creative past of all spheres of creativity, music, art, film and even sport,“ explain Ferdinando Verderi, Wes Phelan and Matt Edwards, creative directors at Johannes Leonardo. “Original Is Never Finished is an open invitation to the new creative community. It’s a call to action to create by using the past as a canvas for new ideas.”

Original Is Never Finished brings to life, through visual representation, the idea that recreating, in your own way, will always lead to something truly original. For example, in the scene, The Birth of Venus, artist/photographer Petra Collins reinvents a symbolic icon of beauty, Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. Collins’ subversive, striking visual sequence creates a new relevancy for a famous work of art. In another scene, rapper and songwriter Snoop Dogg recreates his very own Doggystyle album cover with a trippy chase scene, while also making a statement on gender equality in hip hop culture by swapping the roles of his original, iconic protagonists.

The film marks Terence’s second collaboration with adidas Originals and Johannes Leonardo; last year’s Your Future Is Not Mine was ranked at number seven in Creativity’s countdown of the best ads of 2016, among other accolades.

Terence is represented by Egg Films in Africa and by RSA Films in UK and USA. See more of Terence’s commercials and music videos at https://eggfilms.tv/south-african-commercials-director/terence-neale/.

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25 Jan 2017 11:51