A journey through tea

Sunu takes South Africans into the life cycle of tea in the latest offering for Freshpak Rooibos
A journey through teaA journey through tea

When Egg Films director Sunu was first tasked with directing a commercial for M&C Saatchi Abel and Freshpak Rooibos, South Africa's iconic tea brand, Sunu set about creating a story with an intrinsic focus on the tea. In order to achieve this, the commercial features the Rooibos plant as the hero and takes the viewer on a journey through its life process.

"It was very important for me to capture the journey from root to the cup to convey what makes drinking this tea such an important moment." says Sunu, "Drinking tea is a ritual and people often associate tea as being quite comforting. I wanted to make sure that was reflected in the narrative." It was with nature in mind and the role that natural goodness plays in the development of the end product that led the team to shoot on location and mainly in-camera using the real product instead of in studio. The result, a tactile and emotive film that captures the pivotal and organic role that Nature plays in contributing to the goodness and taste of Freshpak tea.


26 May 2015 13:49