Terence Neale of Egg Films directs Careers24

Terence Neale of Egg Films has directed a new three-part campaign for Ogilvy Cape Town with the creative team of Chris Gotz, Oskar Petty and Monique Kaplan for Careers24.

The premise of the commercials focuses on that often awkward and not-so-proud moment when asked what you do for a living. In a world where success is often measured by what career you have built for yourself, the campaign plays on the simple human truth that people generally seem to define you by your career, and the inadequacy experienced if you don't quite live up to those expectations.

The central characters' lack of 'a career that they can be proud of' elicit a cringe worthy response from the viewer. "Performances and comedic timing were everything in getting the tone of the ads right for the viewers to share the actors' pain when responding to the often posed question, 'What do you do for a living?'" says Terence.

The answers to this question make for some humorous moments in the ads when some rather interesting answers are given as the lead characters are forced to come up with some inventive job descriptions, rather than getting a 'career that you can be proud of' at Careers24.

The Director of Photography was Paul Gilpin and Julian Redpath of Left Post edited the campaign.

26 Jan 2015 10:33