Slim of Egg Films directs action-packed ad for Nissan

Nissan has launched a new commercial with Slim of Egg Films directing for agency TBWA Hunt Lascaris. The ad focuses on a father son moment after a son proudly shows off his new car to his dad, only for the dad to pull a bit of a Jeremy Clarkson and put the new car through its paces.
Slim of Egg Films directs action-packed ad for Nissan

Together they experience the thrill of some interesting stunts. Slim relied on his technical background for the commercial in order to carry out the filming of the stunts in and around the shipping containers. There was precision planning involved with Slim, first Assistant Director Carey Lagoe, the Director of Photography Willie Nel and the Sinister Studios building to-scale a 3D replica of both the car and the containers to pull off the many stunts. The ad was a technically challenging production to pull off but through a collaborative production effort the team seamlessly pulled off this action-packed ad.

5 Dec 2014 12:20