New Old Mutual ad directed by Slim of Egg Films

There is such insight into the really pertinent question of "How much is enough?" in life. The new Old Mutual commercial directed by Slim of Egg Films for FCB Johannesburg, focuses on this powerful question and that it really needs a new answer.

To portray this idea in all its honesty, the commercial follows a single man's life and thought processes as he imagines his future self and constantly grapples with this question. As he interacts directly with the viewer to create intimate moments of sharing his innermost thoughts, one is made to feel aware of the hero's wants, needs and dreams and in turn this reminds us of what we need to do to achieve ours.

The commercial sensitively portrays the emotion required to make the viewer assess "How much is enough?" and that when you put your life, your future and the legacy you wish to leave behind into perspective, this really is the biggest question of all.

26 Sep 2014 12:12