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OLSPS Analytics specialises in the supply of IBM SPSS Software and the design and deployment of predictive analytics and machine learning solutions.
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AI meets human capital management at AI Expo in Cape TownThe Propel journey started almost a decade ago, as an ambitious idea to shift from the soft and subjective nature of cultural and behavioural management to an approach centred in hard analytics. This was an extensive analytical challenge, taking years of real-world research and development to perfect. Today, Propel is an international success story and taking hold in South Africa. 29 Aug 2019 Read more

OLSPS proudly presents the OLSPS Statistical InterpreterHave you ever wished that the output generated from your IBM SPSS Statistics software was presentation or report ready? Have you ever wanted a more thorough interpretation of your results? 5 Sep 2018 Read more

How machine learning in sports analytics is disrupting the gameBig data from sporting games provides the perfect playing field for optimised sports analytics 13 Jul 2018 Read more

The Scorecard Solution to in-store credit risk analysisIn the United States, many retail brands including Amazon Prime, Macy's, Target and GAP, have adopted the use of in-store credit cards. These retail cards create a symbiotic relationship between the companies which provide them and the consumers which use them. 28 Jun 2018 Read more

Universities of Africa are responsible for our future workforceTechnology is evolving at a rapid pace, the skills of yesteryear are no longer enough to remain ahead of the pack. How are universities adapting to this new world? As dynamics and demand change, how is the academic domain ensuring that their graduates are ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? 19 Apr 2018 Read more

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