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pinpoint one human resources provides effective executive search and executive recruitment services in the areas of C-suite, specialist and critical skills and Human Resource solutions across industries and professional disciplines, nationally in the Republic of South Africa and across Africa with the capability of servicing National, Pan-African and Multi-National Corporates.
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Give yourself the biggest gift this Christmas, time to introspectAs business leaders, especially C-Suite executives, head into the final straight before the much-needed year-end break, some will be thinking about really personal issues: their bonuses and incentives that they might be hoping for but might not get. Others will just be wanting to switch off and get away to enjoy some much-needed downtime after another tough year in corporate frontline. 6 Dec 2021 Read more

Diversity is not about ticking boxes, but actually fixing the bottom lineOne of the things that has concerned me this year is the continuing reluctance of some C-Suite executives, and particularly CEOs, to properly grasp the nettle when it comes to representativity and especially equity in their organisations. 4 Nov 2021 Read more

Persevere to find a suitable C-Suite roleThe high rate of unemployment doesn't just affect the bottom end of the market, it affects every level of our economic ecosystem all the way through to the boardroom - and the pressures and fears are exponentially worse, the higher you go. 5 Oct 2021 Read more

CEOs and the true cost of Covid-19 - for themCovid-19 has taught us many things, it's also changed the fundamentals of how we do things. There are very few areas that have been left unscathed, whether it's how we work to how we shop and even how we relax. The C-suite is no exception, particularly the role of the all-important chief executive officer (CEO). 1 Sep 2021 Read more

The Hawthorne Effect and the future leadership attributes requiredThe Hawthorne Effect was discovered because of research commissioned at a Western Electric parts factory in Hawthorne, Illinois. The study was commissioned to determine whether changing the lighting conditions in the factory would increase employee productivity and initial findings appeared to support the idea. However, researchers found that changing the lighting conditions to lower lighting also resulted in improved productivity. Further research found that any change in workplace conditions increased productivity because employees felt valued and believed that management was paying attention to them and their working conditions. Employees cherished the idea of being empowered and having an input in the operations of the company which contributed to the rise in productivity. 24 Feb 2021 Read more