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Digital Kungfu is a storytelling production company made up of a devoted team of content ninjas that specialise in bringing brands to life and generating new leads and growing your business.
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It's time to tell your story on the Matt Brown Show podcastGet your interview in front of 20,000-60,000 potential customers, in days. 12 Nov 2021 Read more delivers Growth Intelligence for SMEsFind new prospects, fund your business and join a community. 5 Aug 2021 Read more

Technology sales are not getting any easier - until nowBlack Swan Technology Holdings announces its latest platform for technology business globally: TechLeadBay. 15 Jun 2021 Read more

Finding unicorns in pools of talentNew intuitive, simple-to-use and affordable tool promises to help recruiters find more high-quality candidates than ever before. 26 Apr 2021 Read more

Award-winning brand, Digital Kungfu, launches innovative technology group, Black Swan Technology HoldingsThrough a new group of companies, Black Swan Technology Holdings will deliver a compelling economic future for technology businesses across the globe. 5 Feb 2021 Read more

Digital Kungfu delivers a 24:1 return on investment for MC3 Cloud in English and French-speaking African regionsSpeed to market and engagement with C-Suite decision makers are the key to successful digital campaigns. 18 Jan 2021 Read more

Everything must go with innovative new hardware sales platformInnovative new hardware sales platform will solve key challenges facing hardware suppliers and B2B buyers. 9 Dec 2020 Read more

Digital Kungfu delivers 50 sales qualified leads to accelerate Epson's deal closure rateA localised campaign addressing uniquely South African business challenges delivers results for Epson. 29 Oct 2020 Read more

Digital Kungfu launches premium online lead gen skills accelerator for tech businessesThe team who generated R236m in deal opportunities in under 12 months launches Africa's premium lead-gen skills accelerator for tech companies. 23 Sep 2020 Read more

Digital Kungfu achieves 2.5 million online campaign engagements for technology clientsIn a world flooded with online messaging, Digital Kungfu is cutting through the clutter to drive awareness and engagement for technology brands. 20 Jul 2020 Read more

Digital Kungfu, voted Africa's Best Tech Startup by Africa Tech Week, expands into the UKAfter generating sales qualified leads in excess of £12m in under 12 months for its clients in Africa, Digital Kungfu is launching in the UK. 14 Jul 2020 Read more

Digital Kungfu builds cost-effective solution to help SMEs grow market shareDuring recessions, businesses slash marketing budgets. Digital Kungfu has launched its Go To Market Suite to help SMEs grow their total share of voice while larger competitors are falling silent. 3 Jul 2020 Read more

Digital Kungfu's CRM Zen reveals the state of customer relationships for technology businessesTechnology businesses that can increase customer retention and decrease churn will significantly increase their profit margins. 2 Jul 2020 Read more

Digital Kungfu is helping businesses to mine their existing CRM data for goldBad data is costing businesses millions each year. 1 Jul 2020 Read more

The Matt Brown Show launches a 24/7 business support lineSupport line launched to help local businesses navigate their biggest challenges. 30 Jun 2020 Read more

TechSumo drives business growth by connecting tech buyers with tech sellersA powerful new platform connects Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with small and mid-tiered businesses that need technology solutions to drive growth. 18 Jun 2020 Read more

Digital Kungfu launches powerful platform that tracks B2B tech buying trendsUsing the power of data and crowdsourced buying trends, Digital Kungfu's latest platform, TechSumo, reveals how B2B tech buyers are making their purchasing decisions. 18 Jun 2020 Read more

Digital Kungfu delivers a 9 to 1 return on marketing investment for Axiz in under 4 weeksDigital Kungfu delivers a three-month lead generation campaign for Axiz in under four weeks, radically accelerating the tech distributor's sales pipeline with sales-ready deal opportunities. 18 May 2020 Read more

Digital Kungfu achieves 400% of lead gen target for Liquid TelecomsBroadband is broadband is broadband, right? So how do you differentiate in an overcrowded market and generate a sales-ready pipeline? Here's how Digital Kungfu delivered 400% of Liquid Telecom's campaign target. 6 May 2020 Read more

Digital Kungfu delivers 200% more leads than targeted for new division launching into marketAs the newest branch in a business that has over 20 years' experience in the tech industry, First Technology Centurion was faced with a critical challenge: The team spearheading the new branch needed to make its presence known in the market as quickly and effectively as possible. It could leverage off the brand equity that First Technology Group had established over the past two decades, but ultimately, a sales-ready pipeline was needed to bring in revenue and lay the foundations for a successful new business unit. 13 Feb 2020 Read more

Digital Kungfu delivers R236m in sales-ready pipelines for clients in under 12 monthsWith return on investment ratios hitting 13:1, Digital Kungfu's lead generation formula that focuses on sales qualified leads is delivering top results in the tech sector. 28 Jan 2020 Read more

Digital Kungfu builds a R14.7m sales qualified pipeline for Seidor Africa (SAP Platinum Partner)Digital Kungfu's Lightning Strike strikes gold for SAP Business One. 28 Jan 2020 Read more

The Matt Brown Show's 'State of X' is now available on the world's fastest growing Smart TV networkTens of millions of viewers and Roku device owners will now be able to stream The Matt Brown Show's 'State of X' series thanks to a new content deal with the world's fastest growing Smart TV network. 10 Sep 2019 Read more

Local author Matt Brown, hits #1 on Amazon's best-sellers listLocal entrepreneur Matt Brown's book, Your Inner Game, has hit No 1 in 3 Amazon best-seller categories. 27 Aug 2019 Read more

Your Inner Game: 12 Principles for High-Impact Entrepreneurs98% of businesses fail in their first 10 years.

Of the 2% that survive, only a fraction of them achieve high-impact growth.
 18 Jul 2019 Read more

The Matt Brown Show in partnership with London Tech Week creates State of X Season One on PrimeSouth Africa's The Matt Brown Show, London Tech Week and Amazon Prime to showcase the insights and expertise of top technology experts attending the 2019 London Tech Week. 4 Jun 2019 Read more

Account-Based Marketing wins the popular voteThe results are in: Digital Kungfu's Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Survey reveals that South African ICT companies believe that the future success of their sales and marketing strategies lie with ABM. 10 May 2019 Read more

Lightning Speed: The new currency of B2B lead generation for techHow Digital Kungfu generated a top-of-funnel pipeline for Africa's leading cloud distributor with an estimated value of $1m in three weeks* 7 May 2019 Read more

The Africa Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Review 2019 - Powered by Digital KungfuGive your opinion and stand a chance to win a professionally produced white paper for your company worth R25,000. 12 Apr 2019 Read more

Digital Kungfu launches Dreamers Dojo to support entrepreneurial mindsets at schoolsWith the ever-increasing unemployment statistics in South Africa, entrepreneurship is an essential alternative for school-leavers to consider. The problem is that the current educational system doesn't support it, which is why entrepreneurs themselves need to get involved. 4 Apr 2019 Read more

The Matt Brown Show secures Amazon Prime distributionThe Matt Brown Show takes real African entrepreneurial stories into homes around the world through Amazon Prime. 27 Mar 2019 Read more

Digital Kungfu wins Africa's top Technology Start-Up at inaugural Africa Tech WeekDigital Kungfu, a purpose-built lead generation company for technology businesses, walked away with the Best Technology Start-Up Award at the inaugural Africa Tech Week Awards on Tuesday night. 11 Mar 2019 Read more

The reason 50% of B2B buyers will be more likely to purchase your productIn the technology space, it's easy to get lost in the clutter. If you can demonstrate real value by telling your story however, B2B buyers will be 50% more likely to purchase from you. 12 Feb 2019 Read more

Get leads and marketing results in weeks, not monthsSpeed is the new currency in marketing. To deliver on fast, affordable and effective lead generation campaigns for technology clients, Digital Kungfu is pioneering an Agile marketing approach. 11 Feb 2019 Read more

How GraniteWMS is evolving from a tech solution into a world-class brandDigital Kungfu is helping world-class warehouse management system GraniteWMS craft a brand story that resonates with its target market. 7 Feb 2019 Read more

Storytelling - Fast, effective and affordable lead generationDigital Kungfu is focusing on helping technology companies tell their stories, generate leads and maximise market share in a fast, effective and affordable way. 7 Feb 2019 Read more

New York-based AI tech startup and SA-based Digital Kungfu's marketing ROI successMany financial advisors and financial services firms know that they need to innovate, but often don't know where to begin. This was ForwardLane's key challenge. The New York-based tech startup's AI offering is complex, but its value offering is simple. 7 Feb 2019 Read more