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Be the care in 2016Another year, another moment to bring together the people of Cape Town for a bit of social development. From the Euclid Society, we would like to say thank you to all the organisations who have supported us over the past two years and who continue to support us in the future. From the University of Cape Town for the use of their premises during our graduation ceremony last year to Shoprite for their trucks and soup to assist with the food insecurity faced by the people of Elsies River - our actions would not be possible without you. We also must mention the Westin Hotel for their donations of linen keeping many women warm this past winter as well as our partner organisations at Sustainable Brothers and Sisters, the Global Youth Forum, Free Culture and No Danger Diaries. 17 Feb 2016 Read More >>
The Community's KitchenThis past Sunday we had another beautiful experience at the Community Kitchen. We always seem to get more than we bargain for - no one said this was going to be your ordinary soup kitchen. 16 Apr 2015 Read More >>
FinLit: Graduation dayOn 2 April the Euclid Society held the inaugural Graduation Ceremony for the FinLit programme: our business development method used to establish small-medium enterprises by entrepreneurs from low-income backgrounds. April also represents the one-year anniversary of the organisation - one year of finding ways to bring together community members and corporate organisations in the aims of social development. 15 Apr 2015 Read More >>
Every graduate needs a ceremonyOn 2 April 2015 the Euclid Society will be holding a graduation ceremony for the candidates who have completed our pilot programme, Financial Literacy, or "FinLit" as we like to call it. 13 Feb 2015 Read More >>
The Mobile Soup Kitchen needs an ice-cream truckSunday's Mobile Soup Kitchen on the 30th of November 2014 was the first day of the collaboration between The Euclid Society, No Danger Diaries, Sustainable Brothers and Sisters and The Haven Night Shelter - and what a collaboration it was. We helped fill the empty tummies of more people than ever before as a result and we know so much good will still come of this partnership. 4 Dec 2014 Read More >>
Do we live in socio-economic unreality?What do we want of socio-economic progress? A very broad question but in my mind it is a reality of socio-economic freedom that allows each individual the ability to be sustainable in their choice of standard of living and to be comfortable that this will be a developing circumstance towards the future generations of their families. 17 Nov 2014 Read More >>