Day births night!With over 546 wineries, distinction in the South African wine industry requires creation on a different level. 5 Jul 2019 Read More++

The OIM group appoints Bittersuite as their integrated agencyBittersuite has been appointed as the integrated agency for The OIM group. 10 Apr 2019 Read More++

Goedgedacht popup classroomIn Africa, 61 million rural children do not have access to schooling. For the lucky ones who do, an absence of basic infrastructure and resources, sadly results in slow learning and a general lack of belief in the importance of education. 16 Jul 2018 Read More++

Tim du Toit Attorneys appoints Bittersuite as their integrated agencyBittersuite has been appointed as the integrated agency for Tim du Toit Attorneys. Bittersuite will offer a host of turnkey services, including being responsible for the brand repositioning and identity, above the line advertising, digital marketing, social media, below the line communications and public relations. 17 May 2018 Read More++

Sea Change - Cork posters win a bronze campaign award at the 2017 LoeriesSurfboards are highly toxic and carry a 180kg carbon footprint. Meet Sea Change - a brand committed to empowering and educating surfers on a greener, cleaner way of enjoying the natural sport of surfing. 1 Sep 2017 Read More++

Sea Change - Sustainable cork postersA cork poster that became a deck pad, encouraging mindfulness towards sustainable surfboard materials. 3 Mar 2017 Read More++

The Singleton - Limited edition gift packBittersuite creates a limited edition gift pack that disrupts on shelf in an already cluttered gifting category. 13 Feb 2017 Read More++

Simply Asia 'Wokking Winter Special'Simply Asia briefed us to run a promotion to entice customers into stores during the quieter winter months. We wanted to bring the brand's personality to life by focusing on it's key USPs. An authentic Thai chef in every store, the freshness of their Thai ingredients and the "food journey" that customers experience through the unique theatre kitchens. 26 Oct 2016 Read More++

Jack Daniel's exclusive collaboration with SkullCandy headphonesJack Daniel's is synonymous with music and has been on tour with some of the world's biggest music legends. From backstage to onstage, the recognisable square bottle was always present - even Frank Sinatra was buried with one. 25 Oct 2016 Read More++

Tullamore D.E.W. packagingWe were briefed to create an off-trade gift carton for Tullamore D.E.W. that boosts the shelf equity of the brand, while encouraging all-year-round gifting. Our approach was to visualise the Irish whiskey's quirky and warm brand personality by bringing the brand story to life. 15 Jun 2016 Read More++

Like Giants - The Greener Surfer filmBuilding a greener camera to profile a Greener Surfer 14 Jun 2016 Read More++

The world's first Wi-Fi unicornWazoogles Superfoods has a deep and undeniable passion for health, believing that the sky is the limit. The brand has big aspirations and wants to lead the lifestyle and health category in a way that's never been done before. They wanted to generate some brand awareness to help guide the everyday person towards living a healthier lifestyle. 13 Jun 2016 Read More++

Bittersuite - Self PromotionAfter trading up from a cramped office in Green Point to a brand new studio space in Woodstock, we wanted to find a way to inform clients of our new address, using nothing but a pile of our old business cards. 26 Jul 2014 Read More++

Simply Asia Clash of the Thai-TansWhen briefed to draw customers attention to new dishes on the Simply Asia menu we decided to have a bit of fun. It was time to bring the unique personalities of the authentic Thai chefs to life so the "Clash of the Thai-Tans Chef Battle" concept was born. 31 Jan 2013 Read More++

Like Giants interactive business cardsLike Giants are a small, energetic, independent, Durban based production company that think big. 1 Jul 2012 Read More++