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Axizsa a leading IT infrastructure and software distributor that unites cutting-edge hardware software.
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Axiz expands its digital platform to Dell partnersTo continually improve the service they provide to their partners, Axiz's strategy of transforming the way they interact with their customers, which started with Microsoft and Cisco offerings, now enables the convenient ordering of Dell hardware products through their online marketplace. 29 Jun 2020 Read more

A battle of attritionEvery day, the incessant, belligerent and focused cyber crime syndicates endeavour to wear you down to the point of collapse by peppering your systems and network with assaults. They aim to profit from your loss, and so inflicting continuous damage on your personal and business network is but a means to their malevolent end. 26 Jun 2020 Read more

AI in cyber securityWhen one thinks of artificial intelligence, it's easy to conjure up images and scenes from our favourite Hollywood rendition of AI. Although performances by Arnie and Joaquin Phoenix were outstanding, the truth about AI is far scarier. 26 Jun 2020 Read more

Axiz introduces next-generation data storageAxiz, a distributor of the world's leading enterprise technologies, has launched the next generation of storage: the data-centric, intelligent and adaptable Dell Technologies' PowerStore. 25 Jun 2020 Read more

Disruption vs interruptionExperts speak of disruption in glowing and, dare we say, often exaggerated terms. However, an idea the industry hasn't investigated thoroughly enough is that of interruption. 5 Jun 2020 Read more

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