Mortimer Harvey
About Us
Mortimer Harvey has been building brands, solving problems and making magic happen for the past 28 years. We're a 100% fiercely independent, digitally-integrated, results-driven, multi-channel advertising agency in the heart of Johannesburg focused on creating work that really works.

Our end-to-end solution capabilities include a fully-fledged in-house, multi-video production company, Gravitate, as well as our affiliate activations agency LM&P - both of which have bolstered our omni-channel offering and enabled us to offer a fully-integrated suite of advertising and production solutions.

If you want to know more about us, share a refreshment, get a tour of the agency or you just want somebody to pick up the phone because your ex won't, we'll be right here.

Our services include:
  • Advertising and brand development
  • Digital, social media and mobile
  • Direct, CRM and lead generation
  • Content and media strategy
  • Public relations
  • Content origination and production
  • Events and activations
  • WonOnWon - Sports marketing channel

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