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about us

Who is My Trippa?

Have you ever wished that your uber-organised, travel-mad friend - the one who seems to have visited every corner of the map and had the best time doing so - could plan your next trip for you? As a full-service travel concierge, My Trippa is your go-to guy. Whether you're planning a solo escape, a couple's getaway, a group or corporate travel experience, or looking for a ready-made tailored package, we've got you covered.

Each My Trippa client is allocated a dedicated and passionate personal travel assistant who will work closely with you to make your next travel experience a real jol! As travel-planning fundis armed with tonnes of research, we will ensure that your every want and need is met, and that every aspect of your trip is planned to perfection, whether you like to have every minute scheduled or if you prefer to keep things a bit more spontaneous. By getting to know you and your interests personally, My Trippa will advise you on the best time to visit your desired destination - and what experiences to enjoy while you're there.

Own a small business or are part of a large organisation that requires its work force to be always on the move? Get a Trip PA to handle your business travel needs - take the admin out of travel for your business and staff with a concierge service that handles everything from your flight & shuttle bookings to your check ins & spend reports ;)

My Trippa is a family-run, level 1 B-BEE company. While we operate out of Johannesburg and Durban in South Africa, we are fully digital and would love to connect with you via email or have a coffee over Zoom.

Keen to know more? Visit our website for more info ;)

Why choose us?

While planning trips and making bookings is at the heart of what My Trippa does, as a full-service travel concierge, it isn't all we do. We have a selection of tailor-made, pre-built packages that are available to purchase off the shelf. These are carefully curated with travel options to suit your needs, offering 3 to 5-star options. Our detail-oriented, travel-mad personal travel assistants are also available to customise packages and will take the time to get to know you in order to build a personal travel experience around your interests, needs and wants.

We provide a personal touch, and focus on both corporate & leisure travel with various off the shelf offers or bespoke offers to suite you or your business needs. Each interaction with My Trippa is with a real human who wants to ensure that your next trip an unforgettable experience - in the best way!

Our work doesn't stop once your trip has been planned and booked. Your personal travel assistant will also see to any other travel-related needs, including the admin it takes to get your visa, Forex house-, pet- or baby-sitter booked and your shuttle service secured. We'll even assist with your pre-trip shopping to ensure you have everything you need (hat, sunblock, and more) and are an email or phone call away should you need anything while travelling.

We maximise your free time. Instead of spending hours doing research that we have already done, your precious free time can be used relaxing, spending time with your family and friends or doing that thing you love to do that you don't always have time for ;).

We are in this for the long-haul. The more we get to know you and your interests, the better we can tailor your trips. We strive to build a trusting and long-lasting relationship with each client, which goes beyond booking flights and accommodation.

Ready to get travelling? Get in touch with your Trip Personal Assistant today.

How do we work?

As a full-service travel concierge for leisure, business and pleasure travel, My Trippa's personal travel assistants will take care of every aspect of your next trip - whether you're purchasing a package "out of the box" or need us to tailor make a private or corporate travel experience. Sounds ayoba, right? Here's how we work.

We have a bunch of ready-made travel experiences that you can browse through here Don't see exactly what you had in mind? Let's chat! We'll connect you with your own personal travel assistant who will get to know you a bit better and start designing your next trip. Once we have nailed down where you would like to go, when, what your budget is and what you would like to experience while there, you will receive a customised trip outline. We'll also provide you with quotes for visa arrangements, Forex and house, pet or baby sitters should you require those services. You'll then have peace of mind knowing that flights, accommodation, shuttles and tickets for cultural or adventure experiences are booked exactly as discussed. We'll even get in touch with airlines or hotels to advise them about any special requirements you might have.

Due to extensive research we have done for our own trips and that of our clients, we have a list of "My Trippa-approved" accommodation and service providers that we use to ensure that your trip is filled with unforgettable experiences.

We'll take care of the details so you don't have to.

Let's start planning your next trip together, contact My Trippa moc.appirtym@ofni or check out some of our ready-made travel experiences