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about us
SMARTSENZ® IPM is an eco-friendly pest control service designed to proactively manage and prevent pests in a sustainable way. IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management (IPM), meaning that we follow specific strategies to manage pests in the most cost-effective, environmentally sound and socially acceptable way.

Our IPM service is designed for all industries. If you have a pest problem, we will be there to help you solve it! Our mission is to reduce the chemical footprint of the pest control industry. To achieve this mission, our vision is to support society worldwide with sustainable IPM solutions.

What we provide:
  1. A free site survey: a free audit of your premises which includes: screening all buildings and structures for pest issues, reviewing the current pest control operations and assessing your sanitation, food, water and waste management procedures.

  2. A tailored IPM plan for your needs: a tailored pest report and treatment plan aimed at keeping pest populations below acceptable thresholds and preventing further pest nuisance on your premises.

  3. A unique online pest portal: a personalized pest portal that gives you 24-7 access to your pest-demarcated aerial map of your property, monthly service reports, monthly service certificates and all other pest related information that you need.

  4. On-going monitoring: By analyzing your pest data from our monitoring traps and your feedback, we constantly fine-tune our approach to ensure optimal pest management for you.

Together with our international partner Avia-GIS, we are constantly kept up to date with the latest research and have access to the newest and most innovative pest management tools for the South African market.

Since IPM requires a problem-solving approach that incorporates constant monitoring and analysis to ensure a sustainable, effective plan of action, we are passionate about:
  1. Pest education
  2. Solving your problem
  3. Always protecting you