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SANI-MED is your alternative to corrosive, flammable, alcohol-based sanitisers. It is EU certified against Covid-19 as an active anti-viral. The non-toxic formula is skin-friendly and safe to use in your home, business, school or factory, allowing for multi-purpose applications. It is a clear, odourless liquid with a water-like consistency and no tacky residue. Use it as a laundry additive, to clean hands or disinfect surfaces. It is compatible with ULV cold foggers, misters and sprayers.

Sani-Med is an engineered broad-spectrum antiviral, which offers a high degree of protection and long lasting residual effect while remaining non-toxic. It is manufactured in the UK and bottled in Cape Town under license. For the past 15 years, the active ingredient in Sani-Med has been widely used in the food, medical, automotive and aviation industries worldwide.

In addition to the EU certification, Sani-Med is SABS and United States Environmental Protection Agency approved. Technical data sheets are available on request.