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about us
Small Business Coach has been advising, consulting and coaching Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners for over 4 years. We are passionate about Small Business in South Africa. The team at Small Business Coach has a Dream to Transform, Grow and Increase the South African economy through Enhancing Small Business.

The owner of Small Business Coach, Brend Badenhorst is a Professional Business Coach, SETA Accredited Facilitator and Keynote Speaker in South Africa. Brend assists Small Business Owners to grow their organisations, and Aspiring Entrepreneurs to Start a Business from scratch!

Brend Badenhorst launched Business Plan Pro™: in 2016 and in 2018 he launched the brands Entrepreneurship School®: and Small Business Coach:

One of the many success stories of Small Business Coach is Niel Smuts from Sparkdust (Pty) Ltd. who struggled to grow his existing small business. Brend guided Niel to identify his pitfalls, realise his business dream and I helped him to write down a clear business vision and relevant business strategy for his market. Once the foundation was laid, Brend started to work on Niel's Branding, Marketing and Sales systems. Sparkdust started to receive leads within the middle of the 3 Month Business Coaching Programme and managed to convert 3 of the leads into more than R80 000 turn over!

For advice on your Small Business, contact Small Business Coach today to get a Free (30 minute) Business Coaching Session at 021 974 9201!