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about us
Umuzi believes in the potential of all young South Africans. In trying to reframe the massive challenge of youth unemployment and the threat to jobs due to AI, Umuzi works with top employers to support talented young people to access high-value tech and creative careers.
To date, over 80% of our graduates are currently employed in high-value careers.

Since 2014, we have been building education solutions that are demand-driven, project based, Agile and human-centred, for partners such as Investec, BBD, Deloitte, Hello Computer, FCB ,Wunderman and Primedia


Umuzi Learnerships and short courses

Umuzi offers employed and unemployed learnerships to high potential young South Africans in Data Science; Data engineering; Web Development; UI Design; UX Strategy, Copywriting and Multimedia. These learnership opportunities drive upskilling through a formal qualification underpinned by practical, project-based work experience on real products and projects in integrated teams. The outcome is work-ready candidates with the drive and ability to add real value to their employers.

Umuzi practices Design Thinking and Agile principles to continuously innovate on our mission to help young South Africans access high value careers.

From this, we now advise organisations to be more human centered to solve their biggest challenges through our advisory practice: Umuzi Solves.

Umuzi Recruitment

Umuzi has a pool of over 400 alumni with whom we continually keep in touch and continue to offer long-term support. Part of this support is a turn-key recruitment service through which we match talent with employers offering high-value career opportunities.

Our recruitment services connect top employers and anyone looking to fill a vacancy access to interview Umuzi graduates ranging from a junior - mid level.

Our graduates are work ready and skilled in either Data Science, Data engineering, Web Development, UI Design, UX Strategy, Copywriting or Multimedia.

Umuzi Retraining

Umuzi has developed a retraining programme which creates pathways for employees to move from their current skills to future skills.

Together we will:
  • Map current skills supply
  • Map future skills demand
  • Design framing policies to link supply and demand
  • Deliver training