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about us
From our home and commercial purification solutions, to our new, innovative water-dispensing trailer service, Bluewater aims to reduce the need for single-use plastic and keep our environment clean by providing pure, fresh drinking water on site.

Our unique trailer service harnesses patented Bluewater technology to bring pure, fresh drinking water to people at large-scale events. Thanks to Bluewater SuperiorOsmosis™ technology, we're able to make use of water from local, non-potable sources and turn it into pure, fresh drinking water, providing an off-the-grid drinking water solution.

Single-use plastic is having a serious impact on our planet's health, especially that of our oceans and rivers, and the life they support. Our eco-friendly trailer solution reduces the need for single-use plastic bottles by encouraging people to refill their own existing bottles.

The Bluewater Pro 400 is a robust and compact, contemporary point-of-use water purifier that helps home owners and businesses create their own near-endless source of pure water for drinking, cooking, and washing.

Bluewater harnesses patented technology to deliver enhanced water quality in a world where tap water taste and safety can no longer be taken for granted. We believe everyone has the right to drink water that is as clean as nature intended. That's why our technology is designed to deliver water for residential and commercial drinking, cooking, washing and other purposes that's free of bacteria, toxic metals, pharmaceutical and chemical residues.