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about us
Bateleur Brand Planning is a reputable market research provider for employee, brand and supplier engagement surveys. We use a range of traditional and futuristic research methodologies to engage with your customers, staff and suppliers to find out what they're thinking to produce profitable business strategies and financial returns.

Established in 1988, we've built a reputation for developing proper and efficient strategies to grow and nurture loyal and connected customers, energised and engaged employees and committed and passionate suppliers.

We are the only research company that provides this 360° symbiotic approach to marketing (consumers, employees, and suppliers) to achieve business efficiency and return on investment. We also offer bespoke solutions that solve the problem at hand, and our services are rooted in extensive and diverse business strategy experience.

Our methods range from deep immersions through to modern high-tech online and social media platforms, tapping into a network of 250+ people spanning throughout Africa. As a result of our reliable and valid scientific survey research, we gleam real-world, localised quality insights at affordable fees. We pride ourselves on our agility and responsiveness and our practical and valuable solutions.

Services include brand positioning, employee and supplier engagement, product concept research, product launch monitor, triggers and barriers, pricing research, advertising research, shopper research, brand planning, and customer service.

Philanthropy is a strategic cornerstone of our business. We support numerous causes, including Sea Rescue South Africa, Meals on Wheels, The Help-net Fund, The Little 5 Million Foundation, and provide ongoing graduate support to help them complete their thesis for PhD courses.

Bateleur is a corporate member of the Southern African Marketing Research Association and ESOMAR.