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about us
Luxury Brands is a bespoke through-the-line marketing agency that owns various targeted channels offering unqualified reach to a High Net Worth client base, whilst representing our member brands.

  1. Luxury Brands - our dedicated design and media agency creates brands, modifies existing brands, conceptualises and manages bespoke networking opportunities while integrating targeted global media reach via our various platforms.
    We hold the no.1 position globally for the Google search ' Luxury Brands ' and have Trademarked Luxury Brands from a marketing perspective.

  2. - our global Luxury Brands Directory is a dedicated, high quality content producer. This media stream is aligned to our Facebook page and daily online posts.

  3. Luxury Brands Travel - offers a highly customised, turn-key travel solution to inbound Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.

  4. Direct access and communication to over 3000, mostly SA based, investment analysts.