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The 10% and the 90%

We believe 10% of people understand and acknowledge the interconnected problems humanity is facing and know the inspiring opportunities within these problems. These opportunities can build new markets and drive practical action for positive change to repair our future and create a sustainable Africa that can deliver: ENOUGH. FOR ALL. FOREVER.

We call the 10% CHANGE AGENTS.

The other 90% are unaware or are yet to discover the opportunities. At the CHANGE AGENT we bridge the gap between the two by creating communication that inspires, educates and creates movements that inspire new CHANGE AGENTS in organisations and communities


Change Agent Collective is a passionate and expert team of communication specialists who are connected to a unique network of environmental and social sustainability experts. We unlock the purpose in your brand or companies unique sustainability advantage. We are able to help you tell your good story with sincerity whilst keeping an eye on your business objectives and - in the process - help your business become an agent of change both environmentally and socially.

The Change Agent Collective team has a depth of knowledge in all inter-connected issues and solutions relating to sustainability and regeneration from: Climate Change, Biodiversity, biomimicry, water, waste, innovation, renewable energy, impact investment, education, entrepreneurship, SMMEs, employee engagement and CSI.


Strategy: Sustainability and CSI communication, Marketing & Brand, digital & social media strategies, Employee engagement.
Creative: Sustainability and CSI communication, Brand campaigns, Copywriting, graphic design, infographics, website design, Documentaries & Commercials, photography, event curation, App creation
Publishing: Digital, Print and Apps
Digital: Social Media management, Websites, Apps, The Good Report
Workshops: Sustainability & CSI communication, Social Media, Marketing and Branding
Events: Sustainability Events & Talks, Climate Change talk - Al Gores Climate Reality Mentors
Exhibitions: Product launch events
PR: Full service PR