Established in 2005, Careers24 is South Africa's leading career site. We provide companies and recruiters with the platform to post job ads and give job seekers the opportunity to apply to 1000s of vacancies.

As a proud member of Naspers, Africa's largest media company, all jobs posted on Careers24 will receive vast exposure, as the listings will be seen across a network of leading sites such as, MWEB and Recruiters are also given the opportunity to search our broad database of quality candidate CVs.

For career seekers, there are 1000s of jobs available, with new opportunities uploaded daily. Candidates can apply to over 40 various sectors - ranging from Marketing, IT, Admin, Sales, Insurance and Call Centre. The Careers24 free job search app and mobi site is available to allow job seekers to search and apply for vacancies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Career advice and Job Alerts are additional benefits that could also assist job seekers with successfully building their career.

More than just a job listings site, Careers24 uses innovative tools and easy-to-use functionality to help both recruiters and candidates find the best match.

We're based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, but have expanded to various regions in Africa, including Nigeria. For more information, or to advertise a vacancy on Careers24, please email our sales office on moc.42sreerac@selas or call (011) 322 0750.