At Meredith Harington, we understand business. After all, we have 30 years experience running a successful one ourselves. Of course, we would never pretend to understand the inner workings of every business in every industry, but every member of our leading team of financial and accounting experts takes the time to immerse him or herself in the business of our clients - turning our relationship with them into a partnership that's sure to unlock business value.

That's why we can claim with confidence that when you partner with Meredith Harington, you get so much more than just an audit. You get our world-class services, our extensive resources, our proven abilities and expertise and, most importantly, our undivided attention.

It's more than you'd expect from your auditors. And it's our pleasure to deliver it.


In the three decades since inception, Meredith Harington has enjoyed the privilege of helping many successful South African companies to maximise their profits, while also assisting the people behind these companies create, grow and manage their personal wealth.

Our success is the direct result of our passion for developing trusted and confidential relationships with the organisations we serve and with the people that own and manage them. But, more than this, our continued success and growth are also products of our commitment to applying creativity, innovation and insight to every task we undertake.

While these attributes have helped us get to where we are, we believe that they will continue to facilitate our success in the future. In a profession that is changing as fast as business itself, we at Meredith Harington pride ourselves on having the foresight to anticipate change, the insight to prepare for it, and the courage and expertise to turn it to the advantage of our clients.


While it's impossible to generalise regarding the type of businesses with whom Meredith Harington has the privilege of partnering, our typical client is driven by the same passion for achievement and sustainable success as we are.

Generally, our clients don't fall into a clearly defined financial bracket. In fact, we have partnered at various times throughout our history with businesses ranging in average annual turnover from R5 million to over R250 million. There are, however, a few characteristics that our clients appear to have in common:

Highly entrepreneurial and driven to succeed;
More concerned with value than price;
Place a premium on sound advice and expert consultation;
Welcome the fact that Meredith Harington proactively seeks out opportunities to add value to their businesses;
Appreciate the commitment Meredith Harington demonstrates to partner with them in the long term;
Offer the type of challenging and stimulating work on which we at Meredith Harington thrive.