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about us
Welcome to Ola! Films. We are a creative production company based in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.

Mobilizing the diverse talents of our homegrown stable of directors and producers we create fresh, surprising and beautiful content for every platform.

We also have an internship programme for fostering and developing new talent.
Ola!Films' production services division is headed up by Executive Producer Olivia Leitch. After many years of working internationally as a commercial producer, Olivia decided it was time to head back to the motherland.

No sooner had she set up shop at Ola!Films, than the phone started ringing with calls from former clients, bereft of that special Olivia magic. So for a series of happy international who keep coming back, Olivia has wrangled penguins, repurposed shipping vessels, magicked helicopters and generally done exactly what she and Ola!Films do best - make love out of nothing at all.

So check out our work and stay for a chat.

We love a good chat.