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Marin's is an International company, initially established in France and the ‘LAMà was designed and patented by Monsieur Francois L'Hotel. It has taken the world by storm and its revolutionizing marketing and POS systems radically.


Marin's and the LAMà - a short history
Marin's was founded as an advertising agency in Paris, France more than 20 years ago. Marin's was already known as a very creative agency for all kinds of POS and display material. In 1997, in response to Customer requests, Francois L'hôtel created a standard column, which combines an accommodating folding - unfolding value, as well as an automatic opening to the appropriate dimensions and allows for the optimization of print material.

Because of the groundbreaking nature of the LAMà, Francois L'hotel decided to protect his invention with a worldwide patent.

Since then Marin's has chosen to focus on the LAMà and its development, becoming a leading supplier of innovative POS and display material while the competition was left with generalized and mundane applications.

The original concept benefits from constant development in size and options to offer an extensive range of smart and attractive products. Our clients' expectations keep Marin's at the forefront of creating new environments and new applications and thus strengthen our international industrial property rights.

The French LAMà has seduced the world and is now of a high international standard:

Marin's is represented in more than 90 countries and has 25 production centres within this Network. More than 10 million LAMàs have been sold in 2008 alone.

To sum up; A unique vision; a quality product that does not harm the environment.