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about us
EspAfrika is an Events Management and Promotions Company, able to provide a one stop shop facility for all types of events from Music Festivals and Concerts, Sporting and Corporate events (dinners, lunches, breakfasts, conferences, launches and other like occasions) to Television (magazine, talk and music) shows.

EspAfrika engages support consultants (on a contract basis) from the required relevant fields of industry as the need arises for each and every different project to ensure expert execution and delivery to the client(s). Given the nature of the company, the composition, and noting the requirements of the government and corporate South Africa in regards affirmative action, the company fully subscribes to this code - however, the emphasis is focused on quality in delivery and execution of the projects at hand.

The company's global industry relationships ensure a lucrative two-way flow of artist and expertise between Africa, Europe and the United States. To this, they are able to count THE CAPE TOWN JAZZ FESTIVAL CAPE TOWN (Jazz Music Festival), and the MERIDIAN CUP 1999 (UEFA / CAF u17 INTERNATONAL FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT) among their many successful ventures to date.

The company's founders and management team have gained extensive industry knowledge from their experience in the tourism and leisure sector. EspAfrika represents a highly skilled and focused team, coupled with both local and international experience.