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Kriel & Co is a reputable IMCSA accredited management consultant with a special focus on change management and digital transformation. The company is experienced in a variety of sectors including petroleum, renewable energy, accounting and auditing, retail, real estate, marketing & communications, higher education, banking and financial services.
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3 tips for balancing personal information while maintaining that personalised marketing edgeCustomers' voices, in the form of smart data, can change the financial trajectory of brands and the loyalty of customers. Data powers everything - from delivering on marketing strategies to evaluating its success and everything in between. 26 Nov 2020 Read more

How the CIO rose to the occasion in 2020A prioritised digital strategy is nothing new to modern organisations. As far back as early 2019, I came across a bold statement in Forbes magazine. The article asked the question whether digital transformation would be upending the C-suite? Would it bring about new corporate titles and functions such as the Chief Digital Officer and Chief Data Officer and threaten the existence of the Chief Information Officer (CIO)? 27 Oct 2020 Read more

Where data meets sustainable growth, the protection of information should be inherentIt creates a clear ethical crossroad when data meets profit. At any kind of crossroad, one usually finds that there is some form of governing sign - let's call it a framework. The end goal is to protect the boundaries of such a junction and establish fair rules for both sides to operate within. Profitability should not be the result at the cost of raw or processed data. 21 Sep 2020 Read more

Employee retention strategies start with the onboarding experienceBill Gates is of opinion that the pandemic is here to stay until the end of 2021. If you thought you could get away with winging business by only planning for the here and now, I would advise you to think again and get the proverbial drawing board out of the cupboard. We need to accept this pandemic is part of our reality for the next couple of years. 21 Aug 2020 Read more

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