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MiWayLife understands that you want to leave a legacy for those you love. By reimagining life insurance, you can be remembered for all the right reasons.
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Have you created a family legacy?We all want to be remembered. To leave an impact before we kick the bucket. Therefore, many people work hard towards creating something that will protect and provide for their loved ones long after they are gone. Be it in the form of finances, family values, or living life to its fullest. What is a family legacy and how can you start one? Here is what you need to know. 8 Apr 2021 Read more

Does cause of death impact life insurance payouts?How you die has ripple effects on many things. Not only does it impact your loved ones, but it can also affect your life insurance payout. Insurers go through a review process to check that there has been no foul play to deter fraudulent claims on something that you have been working so hard to set up. MiWayLife breaks down how a death affects the claim process. 15 Mar 2021 Read more

How death is a motivator for lifeWe often think of death as being the opposite of life and spend most of our lives running away from it until someone close to us passes on, and we are reminded of how fragile and short life can be. Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it that gives us a reason to live life as best as we can. Embracing the inevitability of death into our lives helps us build meaning into our lives. It is what awakens a desire in us to leave a legacy that will continue to live on long after we have gone. 4 Mar 2021 Read more

The core values of MiWayLifeHow you treat people, the choices you make, and what you share with the public are all underpinned by one thing, your values. It's what can make or break anything that you do, which is why we keep them close to our hearts as MiWayLife. 15 Feb 2021 Read more

How much are you worth?How do you measure your worth? Is it through the things that you own or is it through how much you have sitting in your bank account? While we may use various ways to see what our value is according to our relevance to things or other people, there are statistics that show just how much a value of a life costs in South Africa. 2 Feb 2021 Read more

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