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MiWayLife understands that you want to leave a legacy for those you love. By reimagining life insurance, you can be remembered for all the right reasons.
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Life insurance and cancer: Will you be covered?A frequently asked question we receive is whether you can get cover if you have cancer. Furthermore, if you have recently been in remission. Taking out life cover depends on a few variables and will also depend on an insurer. Here are a few things to know. 5 Oct 2021 Read more

More dishonest claims made than insurers not paying outAccording to a recent report by Asisa, despite insurers being accused of trying to avoid paying claims the numbers prove otherwise with 99% of claims being paid to the value of R16,7bn. While there has been a drop in dishonest claims, it still affects insurers and policyholders who end up footing the bill. 7 Jul 2021 Read more

Can receiving the Covid-19 vaccine impact your life insurance?The recent launch of the second phase of the government's vaccination rollout has been warmly received, as South Africans over 60 prepare to receive their jab. While younger South Africans have voiced their concerns around possible side-effects, others are contemplating other possible issues - such as whether their decision to receive the vaccine will impact on their life insurance, especially if they were to die as a result of the shot. 25 Jun 2021 Read more

The ultimate guide to funeral costs in South Africa (2021)Preparing for a funeral is one of the times that most people realise the extensive costs that come with burying a loved one with dignity. Not only can it become overwhelming when you are still grieving, but it can put a dent in your finances if you are not prepared. Our handy guide helps you break down costs that can occur while preparing for a funeral and how you can be better prepared. 4 Jun 2021 Read more

Can you combine funeral and life cover under one premium?We all want to protect our financial futures by taking steps today that can get us there. However, with so many options available it can get overwhelming, especially when it comes to finding the right funeral and life cover. But what if you had the option of combining the best of both worlds under one premium? Can you combine a funeral and life cover policy? Here is what you need to know. 17 May 2021 Read more

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