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Getting to know Wim SteytlerGus and Rafe know him as Dad, but the rest of us know him as an enigmatic filmmaker, intent on bringing our attention to where it should be. Wim Steytler is a commercials director represented by the Star Film Company. 29 Jun 2020 Read more
All steam ahead, the way forward with Star and Covid-19Dear agencies, clients, colleagues and collaborators,

Elbow greetings, foot taps and winks to you all!
 16 Mar 2020 Read more
Phi version 2.0 - The golden ratioAfter a successful three years, Phi which simultaneously mentored and encouraged a young director to find her own, Jonathan Parkinson has ventured once again into the relatively unknown to forge a new partnership, taking his 30-plus years of experience in commercials and merging it with a young, talented director, Matshepo Maja. 25 Sep 2018 Read more
Cindy Lee gets the summer Coke feeling!Cindy Lee was tasked to shoot the Coca Cola West Africa spot for the Russia World Cup 2018. 29 May 2018 Read more
Matthys Boshoff and Ogilvy take three Golds and two Silvers at the 2018 BookmarksThe World's First Baby Marathon took home quite a bit of metal at the Bookmarks. The campaign was directed by Matthys Boshoff of The Star Film Company. 5 Mar 2018 Read more
Cindy Lee becomes a StarIncredibly talented female director Cindy Lee has joined our stable to ruffle some feathers and show the boys how it's done! 29 Jan 2018 Read more
Wim Steytler joins The Star Film CompanyLadies and gentlemen, we introduce you to the latest star in the sky, Wim Steytler! Wim joined us this month and we are excited to have such an awesome energy as part of our stable. 6 Jun 2017 Read more
Phi and KFC show that big boys do cry!Directing duo Jonathan Parkinson and Nicole Ackermann, better known as Phi, have just released their latest piece for KFC Mauritius. 31 Mar 2017 Read more
The Star Film Company wins big at African Cristal Festival 2016Two Golds, a Silver and two Bronze awards for PHI and Tristan at the 2016 African Cristal Festival! 28 Sep 2016 Read more
Four out of four for Tristan HolmesAll four of the projects completed for Coronation Fund Managers and Net#work BBDO have been shortlisted for the Loerie Awards 2016 19 Aug 2016 Read more
The Star Film Company amongst the starsStar Films director Tristan Holmes teamed up with Network BBDO to shoot the latest TV campaign for Coronation - If Your Money Came Easy. Shot over seven days, the job was a resounding success, claiming a spot as a finalist for Best Directing Craft at the 2016 Cannes Lions Awards in the Television category. 25 Jul 2016 Read more