9 Mar 2020Agile HR – Certification ICAGILE Certified Professional – Agile Talent (ICP-TAL)Cape Town
9 Mar 2020Stakeholders Management CourseNairobi
9 Mar 2020Introduction to the Board: The Effective Company DirectorJohannesburg
9 Mar 2020Women Self Defence TrainingKempton Park
9 Mar 2020Micro Finance for Rural Development CourseNairobi
9 Mar 2020Advanced Microsoft Project (MS Project) CourseAbuja
9 Mar 2020Financial Management, Budgeting and Auditing of Donor Funded Projects CourseAbuja
9 Mar 2020GIS and Remote Sensing, Mapping and Visualisation in Agriculture and Climate ChangeKigali
9 Mar 2020Computerised Mapping and Spatial Analysis using ArcGIS DesktopNairobi
9 Mar 2020Geodatabase Design and Management using QGIS SoftwareNairobi
9 Mar 2020Quantitative Data Management Analysis and Visualisation using SPSSAbuja
9 Mar 2020Processing and Analysing surveys and Assessments Data using SoftwareAbuja
9 Mar 2020Data Collection and Management using Census and Survey Processing System CSProNairobi
9 Mar 2020Training on Agriculture Value Chain Management and Market LinkagesNairobi
9 Mar 2020Training on Corporate ManagementNairobi
9 Mar 2020Training course on digital records managementNairobi
9 Mar 2020Effective Monitoring and Evaluation Techniques of Projects and Programmes in Agriculture and Rural DNairobi
9 Mar 2020Policies and Projects Evaluation and Impact Assessment for Informed DecisionsNairobi
9 Mar 2020Approaches in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects and ProgrammesNairobi
11 Mar 2020An informative seminar on how to employ persons with disabilities and promote disability equityCape Town
12 Mar 2020Disciplinary EnquiriesJohannesburg
12 Mar 2020Concise Dashboard Reporting in ExcelJohannesburg
12 Mar 2020Personal Mastery and Intelligence TrainingBoksburg
13 Mar 2020CareerXPietermaritzburg
16 Mar 2020Project management using Microsoft ProjectJohannesburg
16 Mar 2020Organic Farming For Nutritious and Healthy Food Crops Production CourseNairobi
16 Mar 2020Electronic Document & Records Management CourseAbuja
16 Mar 2020G.I.S. and Remote Sensing for Mapping and Visualization in Agriculture and Climate ChangeAbuja
16 Mar 2020GIS and Remote Sensing, Mapping and Visualisation in Agriculture and Climate ChangeNairobi
16 Mar 2020GIS and Remote Sensing, Mapping and Visualisation in Epidemiology and Public HealthAbuja, Nigeria
16 Mar 2020Practical Training on Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in Conservancy and Wildlife ManagementAbuja
16 Mar 2020Quantitative Data Management Analysis and Visualisation using SPSSKigali
16 Mar 2020Methodology for Research Designing and Quantitative Data Management Analysis and VisualizationAbuja
16 Mar 2020Effective Strategy Development for SMEs and Start up VenturesAbuja
16 Mar 2020Training on Monitoring and Evaluation for Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentNairobi
16 Mar 2020Training on Procurement ManagementNairobi
16 Mar 2020Training on Protection and Gender Based Violence Mainstreaming in Project ManagementNairobi
16 Mar 2020Training Course in Mobile Data Collection Using KoBoToolboxNairobi
16 Mar 2020Monitoring and Evaluation, Data Management and Analysis in Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentKigali
16 Mar 2020Monitoring and Evaluation of Government Policies Project and ProgrammesNairobi
16 Mar 2020Short Course in Knowledge and Information Management for Public Sector ManagersPretoria
18 Mar 2020Short course in total quality managementPretoria
19 Mar 20202nd Annual Human Resources Laws Update Conference 2020Johannesburg
19 Mar 2020Speed Reading and Memory SkillsJohannesburg
23 Mar 2020SPSS for Beginners (Statistical Package for Social Sciences)Pretoria
23 Mar 2020Time ManagementJohannesburg
23 Mar 2020Promoting Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness DevelopmentNairobi
23 Mar 2020Smallholder Producers Empowerment And Entrepreneurship Development SPEED CourseNairobi
23 Mar 2020Proofreading and EditingJohannesburg
23 Mar 2020Specialised Techniques on Analysis of Complex Samples Survey using StataNairobi
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