10 Jan 2022Grant Management and Proposal Writing CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022Monitoring and Evaluation for Agriculture and Rural Development CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022Monitoring and Evaluation for Development Projects and ProgrammesNairobi
10 Jan 2022Monitoring and Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022Project Appraisals and Impact Evaluations courseNairobi
10 Jan 2022Project Design using Logical Framework Approach CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022Project Management Training CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022Project Performance Evaluation CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022Project Proposal and Report Writing Skill CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022GIS and Data Analysis for WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) Programmes CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022GIS Disease Surveillance Monitoring CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022GIS Mapping and Spatial Analysis using ArcGIS CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022GIS Mapping and Spatial Data Analysis CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022Mobile Data Collection, GIS Mapping, Visualisation and Analysis using ODK and QGIS CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022Gender Analysis and Development CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022Gender Mainstreaming, Analysis and Planning CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022Data Management and Statistical Data Analysis using SPSS CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022Mobile Data Collection and Management using KoBoToolBox CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022Accounts Payable Training CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022Grant Management using Infor Sun Accounting System CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022Result Based Monitoring and EvaluationNairobi
10 Jan 2022Master Class in Customer Service ExcellenceNairobi
17 Jan 2022Quantitative Data Analysis and Visualisation using PythonKigali
17 Jan 2022Research Data Collection and Management using Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro)Pretoria
17 Jan 2022Advanced Data Visualising and Analysis using Microsoft Power BINairobi
17 Jan 2022Better and Timely Data Collection, Analysis and Visualisation using ODK, SPSS/Stata/R and QGISNairobi
17 Jan 2022Integrating Gender in Scientific Research to Enhance Adoption of TechnologiesNairobi
17 Jan 2022Postgraduate Proposal and Thesis development mentorship courseNairobi
17 Jan 2022Scientific Writing: Preparing a Manuscript for Publication in International JournalsNairobi
17 Jan 2022Community development projects Management SkillsNairobi
17 Jan 2022Effective Project Proposal and Report WritingNairobi
17 Jan 2022Enhancing Project Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and LearningNairobi
17 Jan 2022Measuring and Analysing Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Project ManagementNairobi
17 Jan 2022Monitoring and Evaluation for Development ResultsNairobi
17 Jan 2022Customer Care and Public Relations for Improved Organisation PerformanceNairobi
17 Jan 2022Customer Service and Retention TrainingNairobi
17 Jan 2022Effective Communication and Presentation SkillsNairobi
17 Jan 2022Masterclass in Organisation Office AdministrationNairobi
17 Jan 2022Training Course on Report Writing SkillsNairobi
17 Jan 2022Disaster Risk ReductionNairobi
17 Jan 2022Quality Management Skills in Business Projects and ProgrammesAbuja
17 Jan 2022Principles and Modern Techniques of Project Risk Management and ComplianceAbuja
17 Jan 2022Enhanced Spatial Data Analysis, Mapping and Visualisation using Quantum GIS (QGIS)Nairobi
17 Jan 2022Computerised Mapping and Spatial Data Analysis using ArcGIS DesktopNairobi
17 Jan 2022Mobile Based Data Collection using ODK (Open Data Kit) and KoboToolBoxNairobi
17 Jan 2022Development of Android interactive and user-focused Applications using KotlinAbuja
17 Jan 2022Advanced Skills in Accounts Payable ManagementNairobi
24 Jan 2022Quantitative Data Management and Analysis using SPSSNairobi
24 Jan 2022Research Designing and Quantitative Data Management, Analysis and Visualisation using StataAbuja, Kigali
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