Cape Town receives globally recognised Safe Travels stamp
Let's hope the the locals are also safe from the tourists who can easily transfer the virus back into the country as some countries getting a 2nd wave.
Posted on 23 Aug 2020 17:39
Social Development recruits 1,809 social workers
Has anyone heard anything about the extension of contracts with 9 months for social workers who were recruited for the three months contract ( covid 19) ?
Posted on 23 Aug 2020 15:19
#WomensMonth: Bridging the gender parity gap in the South African internal auditing profession
Great article Cheryl !!!
Posted on 21 Aug 2020 16:54
kenzo poker1
kenzo poker1
Social media publishing and online marketing using a CMS
nice articlelet me try it :)
Posted on 21 Aug 2020 06:49
The Fourth Industrial Revolution in retail and the low-income consumer
Hi Semona, Great article! i would just like to let you know that this company has used your content .Just in case you are not affiliated with them
Posted on 20 Aug 2020 22:58
Fred Dib
Smart clothing to drive fitness wearable revenue
Soon : the subscription clothes!
Posted on 20 Aug 2020 16:57
Fred Dib
3 ways blockchain could get the world to act against the climate crisis
Very good journalism work of Bernhard Reinsberg
Posted on 20 Aug 2020 16:52
Fred Dib
Algorithms are designing better buildings
A really fascinating article on a subject that I did not know at all: architectural design by computer. Thank you so much for sharing !
Posted on 20 Aug 2020 16:00
Fred Dib
Amazon's Paul Misener on the link between innovation and diversity
"A scientific experiment requires the possibility of failure. If you’ve actively tried to make an idea fail and it doesn’t, only then you can truly have some level of faith in that idea”I agree with this sentence !!
Posted on 20 Aug 2020 15:49
Fred Dib
Fraym launches localised tool mapping populations vulnerable to food insecurity
I was not aware that we had come to this point ...
Posted on 20 Aug 2020 15:42
Marisol Gutierrez
Campaign launched to help NPOs raise funds for data, stay connected
Excellent initiative - well done, Inyathelo.
Posted on 18 Aug 2020 17:29
POPIA's impact on the estate agent-property buyer relationship
The effective date is 12 months from July 2020, therefore it is only possible to contravene the legislation after July 2021. The 12 month period has been set aside to allow companies to formulate the necessary guidelines.
Posted on 17 Aug 2020 19:27
UIF explains Covid-19 TERS payments
Im still waiting since April ddnt receive even 1 payment yet ,its tough really without job since March.My payment status still Not Processed Yet all 3 months
Posted on 17 Aug 2020 04:23
'GBV is unnatural and inhumane' - veteran broadcaster Thuli Moagi on #PhenomenalWomaninYOU special edition
Once again, radio restores itself with a breath of fresh air from the North West Province, the cradle of black radio excellence. I have been listening to radio for years and i find them to be 'the truth YOU seek'. It may be early days but i am hooked on their energy and the fight against GBV. Their morning show is hilarious, a smart play on language diversity and gender sensitivity. I love the evening show as well. I am in tune.
Posted on 16 Aug 2020 00:13
FNB implements online FICA system after complaints
We uploaded all our fica document requirements and heard nothing back from FNB
Posted on 15 Aug 2020 16:04
How to calculate employees Covid-19 UIF TERS benefit payout
I m earning 6400 my company paid me 2800 of my salary den i recieved 1732 is this correct or am i being robbed
Posted on 15 Aug 2020 05:31
Susana Rose
Susana Rose
1 in 4 consumers tried a new brand during pandemic - global report
This is completely normal. I tried several new brands. You get bored.
Posted on 14 Aug 2020 22:33
Deon Binneman
Deon Binneman
Investment in stakeholder relationships key to organisational sustainability post-Covid-19
For a deep dive into Stakeholder Reputation, watch this video of mine where I addressed the Institute of Internal Auditors a few years ago. An Organization derives its reputation from the way it’s performance, actions and behavior is perceived by stakeholders. These perceptions are influenced by the relationship building, communication and engagement practices of the organization. Also, read this -
Posted on 13 Aug 2020 11:36
You FM commemorates the #PhenomenalWomanInYOU
We as women have come a long way and we live in exciting times, I will be tuned in to listen to our inspirational mbokodos
Posted on 13 Aug 2020 10:51
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