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The African Entrepreneurs Conference

Leon Lategan is the founder and brand innovator at The Lions Den; an education and training organisation making inroads to help younger entrepreneurs. The objectives of the Lion Den's strategy towards Entrepreneurs, is to support youth-led survivalist companies to scale-up their businesses, by addressing the challenges they face with managing their brand.
Lion Den’s strategies are grouped into five pillars as follows:

Leon Lategan
1. Vision: Leon’s visions are "To activate and empower every entrepreneur in South Africa to be able to compete on an affordable and competitive footing."

2. Niche: Lion’s Den is, "The only online platform in Africa that offers entrepreneurs a professional website, website hosting, business directory listing, access to business coaching, social media and specialised business training, access to funding, access to market and access to an exclusive Facebook community for support and assistance"

3. Innovation: Leon strongly believes that, “Marketing and Innovation are the cornerstones of every successful business and without these tools, as he says, “don’t expect massive growth or scale.” Without innovation and marketing the level of sustainability is exceptionally low especially in today’s economy where things are changing faster than you can say “change”

4. Transformation: Leon expressed, that without the buy in from government and corporates, one cannot transform South Africa into the ‘Innovation Capital of Africa’

5. Leon Lategan on Expansion: He clearly pointed out that while several approaches are well underway, and other, newer programs are budding and being formed. Regardless of their development phase, all programs have strong local contexts and are based on locally relevant public-private partnerships. Leon would like to see deliberate interventions, and not what is currently going on. He stated that Interventions are needed from the South African government and corporates to deliberately act as a base for innovation, investment and joint-ventures with the aim of successfully expanding


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