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Flexible learning is critical in professional development

Many things have changed over the last two and a half years.
Flexible learning is critical in professional development

The need for professional skills development and employee training hasn’t changed though. It’s arguably more important than ever now. And, there’s never been a better time, or more options, for individuals and companies alike to focus on skills development and training.

Flexible learning is the latest catchphrase, and it’s a critical one. Universities are expanding their offerings for professional development, with affordable and accredited options. These options bridge the gap between higher education/training and industry needs by taking high quality learning to learners.

What is flexible learning?

Flexible learning is much more than just transferring a course to a digital platform. Rather, flexible learning is a combination of traditional and digital communication, with a variety of modes and resources. These modes include face-to-face contact, discussion boards, video-conferencing, print resources, etc. Flexible learning can be offered through blended (hybrid) or online modes of delivery.

Why should you choose flexible learning?

For professionals and employees, flexible learning is definitely the way to go. With short course and micro-credentials on offer, you can advance your career through further study without having to give up the work that pays for these studies. Career advancement through additional qualifications is a feasible and affordable option.

Whether opting for an online short course or attending a three-day workshop arranged by your employer, the participation skills learned in such professional development options tend to be versatile and transferable. Thus, flexible learning offers an ideal solution for employers looking to upskill staff as well as for individuals seeking a career change or improvement in their professional skills for their current field of work.

Prioritise flexible learning

For employers, flexible learning for employees’ professional development needs to be a priority. Learning no longer needs to be restricted to a single day or venue. Collaborative and independent learning opportunities, both scheduled and self-paced, are part of any good flexible learning solution. Of course, this requires learners to follow such plans and dedicate themselves to tasks without distraction. To support them in this, employers should try to accommodate work schedules around learning where feasible.

Whether you’re an individual or an employee looking to explore flexible learning options, Wits University is guaranteed to have a suitable course to meet your needs. Wits Plus offers dozens of training solutions, which can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. For individuals, there are several business-related and language short course options to explore.

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