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  • Africa free trade agreement could provide necessary momentum for improving SA's port infrastructure
    As the world hopefully heads out of the Covid-19 lockdowns, trade and the shipping of more goods should continue to increase, as logistics bottlenecks start to ease and fiscal stimuli from major trading nations in the developed world continue to spur demand.

    South Africa, long one of the strongest markets on the continent and a gateway for other countries to trade with others throughout sub-Saharan Africa needs to urgently improve its port infrastructure. Countries with inefficient ports will not be able to fully benefit from the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) as trade starts to liberalise in Africa.
    By Chris Hattingh
  • US-based WPF releases video series to help Africa's farmers improve poultry production
    The US-based World Poultry Foundation (WPF) has released a series of training videos to help farmers reduce waste and optimise profits with a focus on emerging farmers across Africa.
  • Should African SMEs revisit their business models post-Covid-19?
    Innovation is sometimes only associated with new products or technical renewals. However, business model innovations can be significantly more profitable, and current pandemic-driven changes in customer behaviour and technological innovations have created a window of opportunity for companies to explore new business models. By Soromfe Uzomah
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The beginning of the mend...

Alliance Media has partnered with to provide exposure on digital billboards across Africa for Earth Day 2021.

Digital billboards went up across southern, east and west Africa today flighting the campaign Beginning of the Mend, which highlights that action has started for the mending of our Earth and relays the message that we can all act to help. works in countries around the world to drive meaningful action for our planet across issues including climate action, science and education, people and communities, conservation and restoration and plastic and pollution.

Alliance Media is a proud supporter of these initiatives and we urge everyone to visit to see how you can learn and do your part.

Alliance Media has the largest network of digital out of home (DOOH) screens across Africa, making multimarket campaigns across the continent easy to roll out.

For inquiries, contact moc.aidemecnailla@ofni

Alliance Media
Alliance Media is the pan-African leader in outdoor and airport advertising, operating in 23 countries with 25 000 of the most targeted and visible billboards on the African continent.

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