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Unlocking the entrepreneurial mindset for exponential success

Mushambi's talks are for entrepreneurs, businesses and leaders who want to level up, achieve positive growth on the African continent and unlock a sustainable future. This particular talk will frame the narrative on how attendees can leverage both entrepreneurship and technology for their growth and success. There are tried and tested tools for success including the power of storytelling, developing grit, rooting ones purpose and leverage technologies power for growth and traction.
Business is moving at a faster pace than ever before and it’s intimidating and overwhelming to try to keep up with. Companies everywhere shy away from the future and have no strategy on how to grow adjacent to rapid innovation. They eventually get left behind. The root is in not keeping up with tech, jumping on board every single change and adjustment on the market. You can, however, understand the nature of innovation, it’s pace, hear the footsteps of where it might be going and most importantly how to leverage it for businesses survival and success.

Join us at The 6th African Entrepreneurs Conference where will be unpacking the subject matter. The African Entrepreneurs Team is saying come let us do business. Register today to secure your seat. Email:

Conference rates:
- Regular price: R3000.00
- VIP Price R6000.00
- VVIP Price R12 000.00

Mushambi is an African Tech Expert and the author of a new book titled: TECH ADJACENT. His books will be sold at the African Entrepreneurs Conference at R265.00 per copy

About the author

Mushambi Mutuma is an author and African tech expect.

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