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ROi Africa is a smart technology media monitoring and intelligence provider that identifies media and monitoring trends across millions of platforms, including almost 200 million global social networks, 60 000 global online newspapers, thousands of printed publications and 70 radio and TV stations.
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Shaka Sisulu acquires ROi Africa from listed Ecsponent groupEntrepreneur and businessman Shaka Sisulu today announced that he has acquired ROi Africa, a smart technology media monitoring and intelligence provider from Ecsponent Limited as a going concern. 13 Jul 2018 Read more

Tonya KhouryDear Diary,

I feel politically exhausted, physically abused, intellectually ripped off and ready to turn my radio to Boney M, my television to bad romcoms, my newspaper to braai kindling and my phone to a paperweight but, before I, go let's wrap up 2017. Let's start at the beginning (or beninging as some would say) #Stuff2017
 21 Dec 2017 Read more

Tonya KhouryMedia monitoring is not glamorous, it brings endless challenges and long hours - but I love it. When I look back to the days when we manually cut up newspapers and measured articles per centimetre with a ruler, recorded broadcast stations on VHS and Beta tapes all the way to the groundbreaking electronic systems we have today... It's easier, but it's still not easy. One does not simply turn on print and broadcast in a media monitoring company with a mere flick of a switch. Often our market doesn't realise the level of work involved in bringing accurate tracking. Quite frankly, media monitors don't know what they're letting themselves in for! 11 Aug 2016 Read more

Media monitoring: Much more than hashtags, words and clips"The days where media monitoring was considered as a simple manual exercise consisting of newspaper cuttings (measured per centimetre), words and a hashtag or two is long gone. Today's media monitoring is a science and ROi Africa is at the forefront of this technology, with an all-in-one system encompassing all forms of media," says Tonya Khoury, the MD of ROi Africa. 19 May 2016 Read more

Media monitoring app? ROi Africa introduces a game-changer!ROi Africa is widely regarded as a technological leader in the media monitoring intelligence field and now they've taken a giant market leap by launching their own media monitoring app, available for Android and iPhones from September 2015! 8 Sep 2015 Read more

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