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Sureswipe's new POS Lite is a game-changer for small retailers and startupsFor a small retailer or start-up to be successful and move to the next level, it's important that systems are in place to track inventory, recon and balance merchant batch closure, manage multiple store and staff sales and have immediate access to real-time data that helps make better management decisions. 1 Mar 2018 Read more

Buy a card machine and accept payments on the go!Small business owners that move around to sell their goods and services have been able to increase revenue thanks to Sureswipe's Move payment solution. This allows them to easily receive card payments from their customers regardless of where they are. 6 Nov 2017 Read more

Customer loyalty is key to a retailer's successWhat is important for a retailer is repeat business. Attracting your customer back into your store and rewarding them for spending money with you. Customer loyalty ultimately builds a brand. 23 Oct 2017 Read more

SA fintech industry pioneers partner to further disrupt payment spaceTwo of South Africa's first financial technology companies have announced a strategic business relationship that is set to change the fintech payment space. Traderoot and Sureswipe have made available a quick, comprehensive and PCI-compliant payment platform that reverses the relationship SMEs and merchants have with traditional financial institutions and places control of business processes in their own hands. 29 Sep 2017 Read more

Soaring to new heights with ConcordeSureswipe, South Africa's leading payment service provider, continues to make strides in the local fintech market with the acquisition of Concorde Solutions, a provider of integrated payment processing solutions for businesses and independent retailers. To retailers this will mean a single point of contract and contact for fully integrated payments; a monumental move in the efficiency and effectiveness to facilitate payments. 7 Jun 2016 Read more

Sureswipe wins best payment deployment in AfricaIstanbul, Global Payments Awards - Sureswipe wins best payment deployment in Africa 7 Dec 2015 Read more

SA payment service provider shortlisted for global awardSouth African independent PSP, Sureswipe is on the shortlist for the best payment deployment programme in Africa. 10 Nov 2015 Read more

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