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The business to business sales landscape is changing at an alarming pace. We'll set your sales function up to adapt to and capitalise on these changes.
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Prospect. Manage. Win. Simple sales automation.Skynet was a fictional digital network built by a company called Cyberdyne systems in the 90's thriller, Terminator 2. The story unfolds after Skynet goes rogue and spouts a robot uprising against humanity. The huge hit was fascinating in part due to the concept it was tackling - artificial intelligence (AI). In those days, the concept of AI was hard to fathom. Now, "the not too distant future" we all loved in Terminator 2 is unfolding and becoming a reality in our lifetime. That's an equally exciting and terrifying thought! 5 Jan 2018 Read more

The modern marketing hangoverInebriate ecstacy 17 Oct 2017 Read more

Let's fix this: High sales staff turnoverHigh sales staff turnover is a challenge most businesses face. It has become the accepted norm that if you hire salespeople, you will need to replace them more regularly than any other unit in your business. This can create problems, and as a result you may be losing a lot of revenue. Apart from the cost of acquiring a salesperson, think about continuity lost in your pipeline, and rebuilding client trust, to name a few. 18 May 2017 Read more

Sales training investment not paying off? Here's whyYou realised you needed to up-skill yourself and/or your sales team, so you researched sales training. You went through a lot of trouble to find the trainers you felt were the best fit for your business, so you employed them to do the training for you - all at a massive cost, both from a revenue and time perspective. The training went well and everyone was psyched up for sales, ready to conquer the world!! But just 3 months down the line, and the warm fuzzy feelings have long since dissipated and the training outcomes are forgotten. Ouch! 6 Apr 2017 Read more

Sales automation 101We are inundated with a wide range of very fancy sounding words in this high tech world and "Automation" is certainly one of the most popular ones. But what exactly is automation and what does it mean in a sales context? 20 Feb 2017 Read more

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