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Ghanaian invents mobile X-ray van

A Ghanaian radiologist, Dr Victor Dedzoe, with the help of local artisans, has invented a mobile X-ray van to boost healthcare delivery and diagnostics in the rural communities where health facilities are not available.
It comes as a big relief to sick people, especially accident victims in the West African country.

The device can be used to conduct medical screening for rural communities on prostate and breast cancer and other medical conditions to help the needy access medical care early enough.

Dedzoe and his team said that the device is an ambulance configured to serve the purpose with fittings like air conditioner, generator and a portable X-ray machine.

Dedzoe, also the managing director of SOYUZ Medical Imaging and Diagnostic Centre, added that the machine could transmit all images captured via the internet to him for interpretation.

"This information can also be sent back on internet to the medical expert or surgeon seeing the patients to facilitate prompt treatment, while the van can also provide rapid service since it can reach its destination at the shortest possible time", he stated.

When asked why he invented the machine, Dedzoe smiled and "I have always been touched by the discomfort and pain every sick people, especially accidents victims with broken bones, go through when they had to be transported in taxis and other means of transport for X-rays in big hospitals".


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